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Lisa Lennon

Artist based in the UK.

I grew up in the Isle of Man which is rich with nature and folklore. This influenced me growing up and has remained with me to this day. 


My work has a traditional feel to it but the nature of it is informed by an unconventional life exploring its strangeness and mystery. I endeavour to express that mystery through paint to capture that sublime and ineffable quality.


My paintings leans towards a moment in time that is left open for the viewer's imagination to interpret and yet is inexplicability symbolic in nature.

My style is often interpreted as Magical Realism . Magical Realism focuses on the explorations of the strangeness and incongruousness of existence.


I studied art at Camberwell School of Art where I studies painting and sculpture. Now I have settled on painting as I love the complexity of painting and the challenges it brings.

As well as painting, I make digital animations and have written two books exploring the nature of reality. Travel is also a passion of mine. It inspires the imagination and opens the eyes and mind to so many possibilities. I now live up in the mountains of southern Spain where I have time and space to work. I sell my work primarily through online galleries and local galleries as well as taking commissions.


I hope you enjoy my work.

Much love


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